Bikram Vs Hot Vinyasa Yoga!-Which One Is Right For You?

Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga is so HOT, really HOT at this moment! I am not just mean about the increasingly popular trend of competition from the each other class.

Actually, studios are heating up to new level of extreme temperatures. I had the need to experience what the buzz was all about, and luckily I have a Bikram Hot Yoga Studio next to my building that I have wanted to give a try.

It is always nice when the studios allow $52.00 for a month for the unlimited classes because you really get an incredible feel for the programs and see if the workout is really something that interests you in the long run.


Bikram Vs Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Bikram Vs Hot Vinyasa Yoga

That was my first hot yoga class and I’ve all ready for it, the one small problem here…it was at summer in LA and I am in a 112 degree room with 80 percent humidity. I couldn’t sit in that room. How could I survival to do an hour with a half practice?

I’ve waited for the gently music and soft lighting that makes the room feel less like you were living on the equator. Until the master appeared in flipped the lights on and we got started. Wait what? There were harsh light without music. You don’t say? I told myself.

In Bikram Yoga, difference from Hot Vinyasa Yoga, you’ll getting started which your standing series of poses to warming up your body, detoxifying and bending beautifully. There also have a mirror so you can watch every bit of every poses.

The fluorescent lights are on, might be it makes you distracted, but you are encouraged to pay attention only on yourself. Some days might be better than other days and it is hard not to get frustrated. Yesterday, you might have landed a solid dancer pose and today you are hobbling all over the darn place.

After that you move to your floor series where every move is counter-balanced with 26 poses of Savasana posture so you can get the benefit of each pose.


After a while focus on Bikram, I tried Hot Vinyasa Yoga.
After a while focus on Bikram, I tried Hot Vinyasa Yoga.

The first time when I went to Bikram Yoga I absolutely loved it! You left full of energy as you just had the best facial of your life. The downside for me is that the class is the exact same every single day except sometimes your body doesn’t allow you to swallowing the body combat lesson.

Come as you were just the day before. Sometimes you were more tired or ate a heavy meal. It is just a bit of a hindrance, but practice makes it perfect. The other drawbacks for me are the harsh light and gently music. Maybe that is the dancer in me, but music motivates the tiny dancer within.

The teachers are great, but after a while, my love for Bikram simply faded away. Spending an hour and a half in class that really ate away at my day, but the practice method and challenges may be great for others! No mention the fact that there was no way in heck I was going to class with a fresh blowout.

Ladies, you can get it right, can’t you?
After a while focus on Bikram, I tried Hot Vinyasa Yoga. I know this awesome Yoga on set in the Bahamas, the front of side of America and it took me over a month to move my butt down to Brickell to take this class. From the moment I entered the room I had knew I wasn’t wrong to move from West to East.

Buddha’s beautiful quotes on the wall with scent of incense, dim light, just the right amount of heat to get your body going up and don’t even get me started like on the chime laden music mixed with Vegas club beats. The best part of it all, no mirror.It means no judging. Actually, I hate being wobbling.


For me, Hot Vinyasa Yoga is the way to go.
For me, Hot Vinyasa Yoga is the way to go.

When class started, the instructioners was not only inspirational, but also a source to be reckoned with. They are a powerhouse trapped inside that human form and encouraging us to prepare our class intentions and then push ourselves to the limit and overcome it.

I love my Vinyasa journey and how the class constantly changes. There is no place for boredom and they make us “fall down” with an ab workout at the end of class, that is counterbalanced by intense music that makes you want to become better, stronger, faster.

That class is a rollercoaster ride from the top of the mountain. The heat only adds to the intensity and feels like a warm blanket covers you. It helps you to get your blood flowing and your muscles working. You don’t have to focus on the heat like you do in Bikram.

There are many benefits to this practice and I love it.
For me, Hot Vinyasa Yoga is the way to go. All of us are different. You may enjoy a combination, Bikram or none at all. I would encourage you to add this to your workout routine and get all of the lengthening; strengthening and detoxifying benefits Yoga has to offer.

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