Yoga health and beauty

The Yoga journey of each woman is very different, for starters maybe because by the curious or want to lose weight. But when experiencing for a time then Yoga is like a strange attraction pulls them to stay longer.

In Sanskrit, Yoga is defined as the harmony of mind, body, heart and action should Yoga not merely support the colors on the outside. The Department also retain file as spiritual therapy helps people find the beauty and peace of mind-static.

Always originates from physical beauty

Singer Madonna is a follower of Yoga perennial. Her arm muscles toned and beautiful is the result of Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga.

With movements using hands and shoulders, especially string sun salutations movement. From that part of her biceps become slimmer. In addition, waist, thighs, buttocks become beautiful and more compact after yoga.

A lot of people skeptical about Yoga before trying it, they often assume that subject too lightly compared to the gym, dance so hard to burn fat to keep the body slim.

But truly that, women can lose more than 300 calories after a half hour at the Power Yoga class, Yoga Ashtanga Yoga equivalent to jogging with 45 minutes on the treadmill at the gym.

Difference with gym, the movements in yoga use own body weight to practice. This is the great way to understand your body, yourself because your body must give strength to sustain itself.

So you will find yourself progressing very quickly when the yoga. Unlike other training methods must take several months to see the effect, with yoga you only need 3 weeks to feel a new man.

The key to prevent aging

Aging is one of our biggest fear, especially women. The problems related to aging can make them anxious to take loss of sleep and they can try anything to keep their youth.

And a lot of them go to Yoga Therapy and Hatha Yoga to be able to enjoy the positive energy flow that Yoga brings to itself always feels fresh.

Yoga is not really a miracle because it can’t stop you getting old absolute. But the effect that it brings as enhanced flexibility, making skin fresh and rosy profit increased longevity for years to make sure that the benefits can’t be denied.

Exploring the beauty soul

Every time you practice yoga, you just focus on the breath to stimulate or relax. Research shows that the ability to identify and adjust the breath is the key to reducing tension, reduce stress. You will find yourself in each breath.

My friend was a beginner yoga for 3 months: “Since learning Yoga, I realized the things that before never discovered in myself, I saw before me not really understand themselves.

Yoga always exists in my body. We (her and yoga) just gently parallel to dig deep to discover more about themselves to know physically as well as mentally.

Since then I began to hear my own breathing: pleasant and relaxed, reduce fatigue, anxiety, and anger! ”

Indeed, it isn’t the coincidence that Yoga became subjects preferred throughout the world. Practiced movements Yoga may look easy and simple, but behind that is a list of changes physically, and spirit helps women living happier lives.
What else are you waiting without “namaste”?


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